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 Biomechanics & multisensory Integration

What we do!

SpiralTrains® is a holistic system training for the development of human potential. If the athletic performance is exhausted, or if the injury frequency of the athletes increases in an unexplained way, we are concerned with the quality of movements and the training of skills that are otherwise often only suspected in the area of „talent“. Our training promotes:

 intelligent in contact situations

 holistic body action

 neurological ressources

 mental performance

 injury prophylaxis

 aktive regeneration

Our activities currently include regular training and coaching, holistic movement analyzes, lectures and training courses for specialists in the athletic and rehabilitation area.

Example situations football

The following situations are common in everyday football. We can improve all of these already after a very short training time. The learning curve is often dramatic, especially when it comes to standard situations and running duels in which physical contact cannot be avoided.

What others say about us:

“SpiralTrains helps my players to find their core and that of the opponent! In the strongest league in the world, we have developed an optimal duel advantage, which has often led to fair ball wins and goals!“

Christopher Nordmeyer

1. Handball-Bundesliga-Trainer TSV Hannover-Burgdorf

“Becoming faster also leads to more efficiency in 1: 1 contact situations.
SpiralTrains helps players to steer their strength through the use of rotational movements and levers.“

Dominik Suslik

Leiter Medizin, Athletik, Gesundheit Hannover 96

“SpiralTrains is ideally suited to promote the development of the players and to advance them bit by bit. The players who have trained with SpiralTrains have made great progress in stability, statics and coordination.“

Burkhard Riehemann

Tennis-Coach ATP / Breakpoint Tennis Base

“It was impressive to see how the training works. The transfer and the information we received regarding advice to the athletes were superb! Most importantly, the players will move better. I see advantages in the beginning of movement when the players have to start the movement without any pre-activation in an explosive and controlled manner.“

Jan de Witt

Tennis-Coach ATP / Breakpoint Tennis Base

How we work!

After the mission has been clarified, we usually begin with an analysis of the players. Ideally on site (Live Lab) or, to minimize effort, remotely (Digital Lab). The training then takes place specifically in teams or individually and is developed together with the trainer team in the club.

Who we are!

SpiralTrains® is the result of our passion for movement and martial arts. It is primarily based on our work as the supervising trainers of the Chen-Style Taijiquan Network. In the CTN we limit ourselves more to our work as traditional trainers of our martial arts. As an interdisciplinary network of sports scientists, physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths and other specialist areas, we use SpiralTrains® to pass on our findings to the wider society and to initiate diffusion processes. This results in new potential in high-performance sports (soccer, handball, athletics, etc.) as well as in the rehabilitation and fitness area. We work with well-known experts in both areas!

What is an intelligent contact situation?

We train „intelligent duels“ in team sport by optimizing intuitive behavior patterns, tactile skills and training the perception apparatus. Some facts about the duel in football:

over 50% of injuries in professional football arise in contact situations
 there are more than 1.000 contact- situations per match
the ability to make contact successfully remains in the talent area at the moment (“you can do it or you can’t”), or it is seen as a matter of strength, but not of specific training 

the great leverage that lies in this type of training for professionals and for promoting talent remains completely unused

Typical contact situations in running duels, tackles and standards can be solved much more efficiently using appropriate technology!

Why are we called SpiralTrains®?

The name SpiralTrains® results from various ideas. The spiral is a symbol of our body work, which is why it imposes itself as the namesake. The addition “trains” in turn naturally includes the idea of training, i.e. a continuous optimization process that can relate to physical as well as mental attributes. The translation also includes the meaning “trains”, which, together with the first part of the word, indicates a holistic, rotational transmission of spiral power trains.


Dr. Sportwiss. Nabil Ranné

Trainer / Coach / Berater
E-Mail: ranne@spiraltrains.com
Tel.: +49 (0)179 299 04 16

Konstantin Berberich

Trainer / Physiotherapeut
E-Mail: berberich@spiraltrains.com
Tel.: +49 (0)172 187 25 39

Peter Eggen

Trainer / Physiotherapeut
E-Mail: eggen@spiraltrains.com
Tel.: +49 (0)170-288 44 84

Carsten Dau

Trainer / Heilpraktiker / TCM
E-Mail: dau@spiraltrains.com
Tel.: +49 (0)176-249 254 26

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